PISMODISE is a combination of the word "Pismo" and "paradise".

The inspiration for the PISMODISE name came from a school poem, "Pismo Paradise" (see below) written by a 12 year old girl. It visually describes her view of Pismo Beach, and how it relates to all of us.

PISMODISE is a timeless phrase that describes the beauty, the magic, and the feeling that you experience when you visit or stay in Pismo Beach, Ca. It's a "beach lifestyle" filled with memories of beautiful coastal scenery, laid back moments, fun and laughter. It's about living life each and every day!

We are a small company of Pismo Beach lovers who want to share our "Pismodise" experience with YOU!  Come along with us to "PISMODISE"....another name for paradise!

Email pismopat@pismodise.com for any questions/comments about Pismodise!


PISMO PARADISE by Allie (2/26/04)

If you come to Pismo Beach on a Saturday afternoon you will see all the people scurry about in her.

There were people enjoying the day flying kites, splashing in the water, walking their dogs, and eating in the local cafes.

Her hills were eyes watching over the breathing city on a breezy summer day.

As the wind whistled down the beach it carried the sand towards the boardwalk.

When the ocean threw itself into the pier, the pier danced the hula in the afternoon light.

But there are more than surfers and fish in the water, the waves like to catch little otters all along the coastline too.

Eucalyptus trees eat up all the butterflies into the big grove.

Families gather on the pier watching the fisherman's poles jump into the water and grab their dinner out from the salty water.

The fish jumped onto the grill at the bonfire and they were a delicious treat for all the families.

Mr. Sun was watching the children play and splash around in the water and smoothed  a golden tan on them.

His light filtered through the eucalyptus trees towards the dunes and the four-wheel drivers.

Riding their ATV's through the dunes, the dunes laughed because the wheels were tickling their tummies.

As Mr. Sun got tired, he said "good night" and slowly closed his eyes.

The last flickers of his light were enjoyed by locals and the tourists.

You can see the stars smile bright because it's a getaway from the big city life and a walk into paradise.



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