Pismodise has two REGISTERED TRADEMARKS from the United States Patent and Trademark Office in Washington D.C.

Our 1st registered trademark was registered on July 20, 2010. For:
Mugs, Cups, Clothing, Hats, Pants, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jackets, and Shorts to include Accessories.

Our 2nd registered trademark was registered on March 1, 2011 For:

  • Promoting economic development, business, and tourism in the Pismo Beach area
  • Advertising and publicity services
  • Providing information relating to economic development and business via the internet
  • Consultation services in the field of economic development and business in the Pismo Beach area




PISMODISE is committed to promoting the city of Pismo Beach, California, USA, through many different avenues. We strongly promote the tourism industry by spreading the awareness of our area through advertisement, name recognition, geographical/weather information and products displaying the Pismodise name and logo. Our logo was specifically designed to include 4 elements that bring tourists to Pismo Beach. The ocean, the beach, the pier and the descending sunset. The name Pismodise is a combination of the words Pismo and paradise. Our quaint beachside area is considered extremely desirable to tourists from not only California, but also nationally and internationally. We intend to expand the tourism base of Pismo Beach!

Pismodise is also committed to promoting economic development and business by displaying our Pismodise products with the local businesses of the central coast. Future promotions and contests will support local businesses, their amenties, thus helping with the financial growth (aka tourist dollars) of our local economy. The  Pismo Beach CVB  (Conference & Visitor's Bureau)  gave us a strong welcome and their blessing upon the launching of our company (Pismodise LLC) in summer 2009.

Information regarding Pismodise can be found via the internet thru www.pismodise.com, www.pismodise.net, and www.pismoparadise.com  Our dedication to social media and it's outlets, will not only educate the public, but enhance the awareness of  Pismo Beach and her surrounding communities. 

Pismodise is a beach lifestyle, supported by the local community and tourists together! We envision a California beachside culture that is harmonious with nature, striving to be a desirable destination for everyone!  Welcome to Pismodise, where Pismo Beach meets paradise.




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